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You want to own your home and possessions, free and clear, and you need this for your emotional security. You appear very peaceful and quiet, but until you are well anchored in life, you will experience much inner restlessness and vacillation.

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Your home is the balancing point in your life. You need to have your abode attractively decorated, and filled with congenial people. The Scorpio influence in this house produces extremely strong feelings about the home and family life. This is a secretive sign, and certain matters regarding family matters are kept locked away and very private. There is a strong loyalty and protective tendency shown toward family members.

You don't waste time coming to their defense when this becomes necessary. In return, you expect the complete respect and loyalty of your family members. In the early home life, your were strongly influenced by the parent of the opposite sex. This sign wants a sense of royalty, splendor, and space in the home environment. Even if you are not born to this, it's very likely that you will be living in the grand style later in life. Sagittarius influences affairs of the home suggesting a strong urge to control and direct family matters. Jupiter, the planet denoting optimism and expansion, rules this area of your chart.

This planet often brings a large, even opulent environment. Your goal in life is to do right by your family because of a philosophical sense of responsibility. The obligation to family is one of doing right in family matters.

You hold high the meaning of the family unit in society. Morality is at the deepest roots of your nature. With Jupiter ruling the fourth house, the latter portion of your life will be very beneficial. You'll get wealthier as you grow older, both in material ways and in spiritual ways. When Capricorn influences the fourth house there is much responsibility in this house of home and family. With the planet Saturn ruling the home, issues of security can be of paramount importance.

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There is also ambition linked with this placement. You're likely to be very particular about the way your household is run, wanting everything to be efficiently organized and precisely placed. You dominate your home with a practical and no nonsense outlook. You are a strong disciplinarian, with strict, old-fashioned principles and a lofty code of ethics. You also display a solid sense of community involvement and never hesitate to accept responsibility in this regard.

You are likely to take on increased responsibility in the last third of your life. The Aquarius influence in the fourth house suggests a strong demand for freedom in the affairs of the home. Your power drive makes it impossible to tie you down merely to the affairs of home and family. You will be too drained for it to function. Your motivation booster is through water- emotion, calm, diving into the depths, being by yourself.

If your Midheaven is in air and your Imum Coeli is in fire then the energy works quite differently. You need to be able to run around, express yourself, get out all that excess energy in order to communicate and in order for your mind to function properly. It works both ways with each element. I would love for u to test ur skills out on me.

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Hello friend! I do chart readings but for a fee, but that is interesting that you are at a 0 degree angle.

The Imum Coeli and your genetic psychology.

My first impression is that this life has newness to it, the breaking away of the old, and entering into the new. The need to carve a path for yourself you may not have walked before. Greetings Natalia! I just generated your Human design chart for another perspective and within the nine-centeredness of your Human Design matrix you have your Spleen Center Defined.

That gives you reliable Intuitive Inner Authority. It is highly recommended for you to follow your intuition on all of your important decisions plus inform others before you manifest things in your life. Reblogged this on Caprittarius. Pingback: What a Tweet can do. Where do you come up with this?

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Just saying you are very imaginative. Represent the family relations and the home life. Also known as the Nadir. Abbreviated IC.

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If you are born at midnight, the Sun would be found around the IC of the chart. These signs do not necessarily describe the parents so much as your perceptions of your parents. This is the lowest point on the horoscope and the point furthest north in the zodiac.

The Imum Coeli (IC) in Astrology...

The IC is the cusp of the fourth house. This is the area of our deepest concern for security and shelter. Generally the same as the cusp of the 4th house. See also House. Inner Planets : The faster moving planets that are in the inner part of the solar system.

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When a planet is in one of these four houses in a chart, or is within orb or a conjunction of one of the angles, it is said to be "in an angle" or " angular ". The most intimate and personal point in the chart: one's innermost feelings, roots, and internal sense of one's self. It signifies foundations and inherited traits. The most intimate and personal point in a chart, it symbol izes one's innermost feelings, roots, and internal sense of self.