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The First decan of Aries or Mesha that is, the first ten days of Aries Here you can find your Daily Lucky Numbers Aries for Today and Tomorrow. fire signs the next example is Leo, with a Leo first decan, a Sagittarius second and an Aries third. Discover ideas about Zodiac Signs Leo April 20th #aries #decans # astrology.

To define Lilith is a funny story.

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Lilith, first wife of Adam, erased out of the current Bible version of Christianity, but still present in Talmud and ancient wisdom teachings, is said to disobey to Adam. She did not like to lie under in Sex, it is said, yet she liked to sit upon him.

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So in that ancient language, Adam might refer to the Sun, and Lilith to the moon, getting out of the phase. Amazingly enough, as she is said to be that wild, one might suspect, if Lilith is near an eclipse, she might gulp the light of the sun, but it is otherwise — she darkens the moon. There are always full eclipses of the moon occurring when Lilith is conjoining the nodes.

In the ancient wisdom teachings Lilith refers to the mother goddess of a Universe before our time. Alice Bailey refers to her as an ancient version of what we know now as Gaia — but from a different Universe — therefore from a time before our star system was born. With this in mind, I would suggest, one reflects on all was said on Lilith. End part 1 — to be continued. Dreamspell and the Mayan Count Sternenfarben - Blog.

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    His goal is to … More Abbie is a radical queer witch practicing modern heathenry, reading runes and tarot, and learning herbalism. Abbie is the writer of the Heathen's Journey column, an avid reader, and teacher of witchcraft. She reads tarot and runes to … More Jane Hansen September 9, Major Lunar Standstill Share this: Facebook 0. Twitter 0. Pinterest 0.

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