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The seminars began on an exploratory basis in the early 's, and took firm hold with their success and the appointment to the Faculty of Avi Wigderson in The field of mathematics faces systemic challenges in regard to inclusivity. The School has invited women from the beginning, but a program administered by the School directly addresses the hurdles faced by women mathematicians.

Established in , the Mentoring Program for Women in Mathematics renamed, in , the Program for Women and Mathematics annually hosts women mathematicians, including those at the undergraduate level, for an "intensive day mentoring program. A key component of PCMI is the opportunity to build relationships between mathematicians at various stages of their career.

In , there were two new buildings completed on the Institute campus the first significant construction since One was the new home of the School of Mathematics.

Various Number Theorists' Home Pages/Departmental listings

It features seminar rooms and a common room in addition to enough office space to bring most of the School's visiting scholars, Faculty, and staff under one roof. Charles Simonyi to the School of Mathematics. Administrative records of the Institute are closed for 30 years from the date of creation. Letters of recommendation are closed until both the author and the subject of the recommendation have died.

Further information relating to those represented in the Members, Visitors, Assistants series can be found in various locations. For short-term visitors, especially those without files, minimal information can sometimes be found in the School's Faculty Meeting Minutes in the School of Mathematics records. For scholars in the natural sciences before , also see the School of Natural Sciences's People series. For all visiting scholars, files have also been created and maintained by the Director's Office.

Within the record group for that office, please see the following series, as appropriate: Members files, Visitors files, and Assistants files. In the rare case that a scholar also served on the Institute's Board of Trustees, the record group for that body may provide additional materials. For the School in general, the Records of the Office of the Director-Director's Office School Files series will contain some materials both duplicating the School's own records and unique to the collection.

The set of Faculty Meeting Minutes originating with the Director's Office is less comprehensive than the set from the School itself, but the folders that include meeting Agendas dating from are unique. The Faculty Meeting Minutes series is an ongoing series that currently spans the years , with the first meeting held on October 8, , and the last minutes currently available being those for the April 5, , meeting. The series contains final versions of minutes for meetings of the School's Faculty.

The series includes a subject index produced for the minutes by the School that was compiled through minutes. The minutes most often address School business on matters such as administration and policy, appointment of scholars including Assistants , and finances. For some meetings, there are attachments of various kinds such as financial overviews, important letters, and reports of the School.

These attachments often provide additional insights and details. As the Faculty Meeting Minutes series includes years that precede the establishment of the School of Natural Sciences, information about scholars in those fields can also be found in these minutes. Though not represented here, drafts of minutes, often labeled "Rough" at the top of the page, were circulated by the School for review by the Faculty.

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Agendas were also sent in advance of the meetings. The Faculty Meeting Minutes series is in chronological order. The pages are also numbered consecutively by the School beginning with the first set of minutes. Interspersed, however, there are documents that don't follow the overall numerical order of the pages. These pages most often relate to the meeting date which they follow and are attachments to the minutes for that meeting.

The Members, Visitors, Assistants series is an ongoing series currently divided into two time spans: and These date spans are general rules of thumb, but actual dates for the materials pertaining to any individual scholar may vary. Most of these individuals were affiliated with the Institute as Members, but the series also includes Visitors and Assistants. All three of these categories describe scholars affiliated with the School for at least one of the two terms of the regular academic year. Documentation in the files includes application forms, letters of inquiry, letters of recommendation, and other supporting materials related to applications, financial matters, and scholarly work, including academic accomplishments and goals for the duration of the scholar's association with the Institute.

Within the datespan, there are also a few files for organizations or institutions e. It is important to note that the series does not represent everyone affiliated with the School during this period. First, the files of physicists and other natural scientists affiliated with the Institute prior to the establishment of the School of Natural Sciences in are found in that School's "People" series. Second, until , the School did not retain files for people who came solely for less than an academic term or outside the regular academic year, often noted in other School documentation as "short-term visitors" or "summer visitors".

The School did, however, retain materials pertaining to all visits, regardless of duration, for any individual with at least one full academic term visit. Lastly, since the School keeps together all materials relating to a scholar, files for scholars with affiliations both pre- and post remain on file with the School of Mathematics at the time of writing.

Within each time span, the materials are in alphabetical order by last name, topic, or organization. As the School keeps together all materials relating to a single scholar, materials for an individual will be found in the span that includes that scholar's latest date of affiliation with the Institute. Jaffe, Arthur M. Limited documentation for this scholar. School of Mathematics explained that this can happen if a scholar is invited by Faculty. This circumstance may apply in this instance.

Information about students of Lenstra's, who were invited to come to the Institute to join him, accompany his materials. The scholars mentioned are: Oliver Schirokauer, Everett W. Howe, Bart de Smit, , and Carl F. Further documentation for some of these individual scholars can be found in this series.

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Jean-Marc Deshouillers. Files lack documentation for fall visit to the Institute. School of Mathematics found nothing further at the time these files were transferred to the Archives Center. These documents also pertain to Pierre Colmez. Sethi, Savdeep S. Other appointments to School of Natural Science only. Files lacking documentation for all visits to the Institute. Documents for Woods include two pages of information about the Second Meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Logic Seminar December , , which was held on the Institute campus.

Speakers listed include: M. Makkai, S. Thomas, H. Woodin, J. Schmerl, S. Haran, C. Videla, and S. The Staff and Member directories would also provide information that could be useful, including for the years when the registries lack this information residential addresses, which are most often on the Institute campus.

Mathematical Physics

In some instances, the funding source is a Professor of the School of Mathematics to whom the listed scholar is an Assistant. The Faculty member's name is given in full or indicated with initials. Documents for most years additionally include the following: whether or not that scholar was an American Mathematical Society nominee, campus arrival date sometimes departure date, too , telephone numbers, and residential address. These digital scans of the original paper documents in this same subseries were created by the School of Mathematics, but the quality is not very good.

Since many of the documents are handwritten, better scanning won't improve keyword search capability. Data collected to meet requirements of the National Science Foundation NSF , which provides financial support to visiting mathematicians. Roughly half of each year's cadre in the School of Mathematics are postdocs i. Only those scholars who were affiliated with the School of Mathematics for more than one consecutive academic year would be tracked for the full five years.

Math eBooks from Springer, Oct-Dec 2015

Scholars of the School for a single academic year were tracked only for an additional three years after they left the Institute. These records include tracking of scholars with the School for the academic years through and the data was collected annually by staff of the School of Mathematics, who contacted each scholar in order to request an update regarding academic or professional affiliation which is the only parameter provided in these documents.

These documents gather together data points of interest about Members and Visitors for the academic years through that are useful reference both within the School and more broadly, including for the Institute's annual report. The data fields are: full name, IAS year, position and term, gender and age, most recent institutional affiliation, citizenship, funds, and field of research.

The "Position" field provides the Institute's terminology for that scholars' affiliation, e. Chiefly digital images of index cards for visiting scholars starting at the founding of the School. Contains detailed information, especially in the earliest years, such as the exact date of a scholar's departure. For a limited number of individuals, there are also casual portrait photographs similar to those featured in the School's headshot photo albums.

The physical records from which this digital version was created are still in the active records of the School of Mathematics. As reported by the office of origin, there were many individuals contributing to this digitization project, and quality control was not always possible, so comparison to the originals should be pursued if something appears to be missing. Arxiv, Link to Publisher. Independence and interdependence in collective decision making: an agent-based model of nest-site choice by honeybee swarms.

I am mentioned as a mathematician, albeit not by name in the cover story of Science News: Swarm Savvy How bees, ants and other animals avoid dumb collective decisions By Susan Milius May 9th, ; Vol. Pages, Nathanson, Springer Verlag, , pages Aigner and G. Ziegler, in the first chapter: Six proofs of the infinity of primes, with an appendix on infinitely many more proofs Link to publisher Springer , needs subscription. That chapter "Six proofs Printing took a while printed in !

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Elsholtz, P. Grabner editors , Springer Springer link free download. Link to publisher open access Link to publisher. Presenting 22 research and survey papers written by leading experts in their respective fields, it focuses on areas around R.